Sonny's Porch

Sonny’s Porch is a respite for traveling bands looking to get off the road to ride some waves, eat some food, shoot some pool, or just crash for a few hours. If they feel like playing some music on our back porch… we’re stoked.

Bad Bad Hats // Nothing Gets Me High

Bad Bad Hats rolled up to our Cocoa Beach Office for a quick game of billiards, couple songs on the deck, & to crash for a few hrs before their next show. Always down for some music on our back porch.

Passafire // Rude Boi

EPIC time hanging with the Passafire crew. We’ve always enjoyed listening to their music around the office, so imagine how stoked we were when they said they would come play a little jam session for us on the back porch. We called a crew together, grabbed some beers, and per tradition, dragged our beat up yellow couch and bean bag chairs outside. Thanks for the tunes boys.

The Growlers // Empty Bones

All the way from Southern California, The Growlers posted up at our Cocoa Beach house to get some much needed rest before continuing on the east coast leg of their Summer tour. The boys borrowed some boards for a surf, shot some pool, and stoked us out with an amped session on the porch.

Mike Love // Human Race

We were pumped to have legend Reggae musician Mike Love and his crew drop by for a little breather from their whirlwind tour. Mike is revolutionizing a new genre of music that is entirely his own, saturated with his Hawaiian roots and steeped in everything from reggae to rock and roll.

Surfer Blood // Take It Easy

Surfer Blood stopped by Sonny’s Porch for some much needed southern surf hospitality after finishing up their latest east coast.

Cotton Jones // Blood Red Sentimental Blues

Cotton Jones took a break from their US tour, and stopped by our Cocoa Beach office to grace our ear drums with their soothing melodies and the first ever tuba on Sonny’s Porch.

The Nude Party // Eyes Wide Open

We should have suspected when we invited the dudes from The Nude Party over to the beach house to shoot some pool and play some tunes that things would probably get funky. You guys are legends. Thanks for baring your bods for us. We’ll never look at the pool table the same way again.

The Electric Sons // Keep Young And Carry On

The Electric Sons made the trek all the way from Atlanta just to chill on Sonny’s Porch with us. Despite the dark skies that kept getting darker, the band unloaded and setup for a quick set while throwing back some PBR’s with us.

Matt Costa // Early November

Matt and his band mate, legendary skateboarder Danny Garcia, played a few songs together before Matt pulled his chair closer to the local gathering for a more intimate acoustic set. Matt took requests from the crowd and played some of our favorites.

Maps and Atlases // Solid Ground

Chicago-based Maps and Atlases and all of their goodness dropped by on a Sunday to blow our minds with their unique style and insane virtuosic musical ability. Big thanks to Dave, Shiraz, Chris and Erin for hangin’ out with us. You guys are all time.