We’ve kept our eyes peeled every day, and finally last Wednesday, the first Northeast Winter swell showed itself. We quickly phoned up the Florida crew and decided to post up for a good ol’ Sonny Session. The waves were shoulder high for most and over head for the always frothing squad of micro-groms. In between waves everyone crushed plenty of bananas, granola bars, and maybe even a few boxes of pizza and doughnuts (don’t tell the parents). Best day with the best crew. Let’s do it again soon.

Photos by Nate Harrington // Pictured below: Chauncey Robinson, Blake Spier, Tommy Coleman, Matt Glenn, Avery Aydelotte, Storm Portman, Zoe Benedetto, Ryan Huckabee, Sterling Makish, Braeden Kopec, Michel Flores, Maddy & Jonathon Malizia, Skye Blumenfeld, and Hannah Blevins.