Bum Rush Tour

In 2011, we began rolling up and down the coasts looking for the best local talent doing what they love to do. No application. No qualifiers. No entry fee. Fifteen minutes after the horn sounds somebody will get a big fat check for a thousand dollars. We make up the schedule as we go along and it’s a surprise contest so this is as specific as we’re getting. If you want to follow our progress follow us on Instagram @sunbum.

What Ambush surf contests.
Where Wherever looks good to us.
When Whenever we feel like it.
Who Whoever happens to be there.
Prize $1K.

Bum Rush Tour
Rocky Point, Hawaii

We rolled out of bed at 8, checked the waves from the porch, and Dusty called the crew to let ‘em know, “Bum Rush Tour is on.” With Zak Noyle, Barron Mamiya and Pomai from Hawaiian Water Patrol as judges – and Rocky Point going off – what more could we ask for? 20 minutes after Zak sounded the horn the judges knew their guy. It was unanimous: Tyler Newton was our Rocky Point Bum Rush 2018 Champ.

Bum Rush Tour – San Clemente, California

Kickin’ off our infamous ambush surf contests with Filipe Toledo & Kei Kobayahi, otherwise known as the Bum Rush Tour, at T-street in San Clemente, California! We pulled up, hoped out of the van and 15 minutes after Filipe sounded the horn our judges had the winner spotted. No doubt we pulled Jesse Moncur out of water to give him a cheap champagne shower and fat thousand-dollar check. If you see our tent go up near you and you’re in the water, you know what to do.

Bum Rush Tour – Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thanks to last weeks hellava winter beast, named Riley, the conditions behind our Cocoa Beach office were ideal to kick off the first leg of our 9th annual Bum Rush Tour. Here’s a little quote from the champion himself, Justin Linton: “I literally skipped work all week, I called off three or four shifts to surf, this is a blessing to make all the money back”.

Bum Rush Tour
Velzyland, Hawaii

After a few unsuccessful surf checks at Rocky Lefts and Sunset, the Sun Bum crew stumbled upon near perfect conditions at the famed surf spot known as Velzyland to signal the start of this years Bum Rush Tour.

Bum Rush Tour
San Francisco, California

It was a crowded “locals-only” lineup of about 25 to 30 surfers, with solid shoulder to head high surf. One guy in particular stood out – Ragnar Johnson, a 30-year resident of San Francisco.

Bum Rush Tour
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

The Bum Rush Tour judges had all eyes on Eric Esenat after he casually conquered a fin first take off, in a lineup that was unaware of our presence. The footage might give you a better idea of why we had to pull Eric out of the break and shower him with cheap champagne.

Bum Rush Tour
Makaha, HI

The Bum Rush Tour made its second stop in Hawaii, this time on the west side of Oahu at Makaha. It was a perfect morning with head high sets, clear blue water, and tons of locals soaking up the surf and sun. Standing out among the rippers was local legend and beloved lifeguard, Bouvey Bradbury, who took the $1000 check during a pre-work surf before clocking in at the guard tower.

Bum Rush Tour
Banzai Rock Skate Park, Hawaii

After a disappointing wave check at Rock Piles, the Sun Bum crew decided to move the contest to the skate park across the street, where it’s always seven-foot and glassy. Lots of concrete shredding went down with lots of local talent, but it was 16 year-old Malakai Montes that took home the giant $1000 check.

Bum Rush Tour – Orlando, Florida

The Bum Rush Tour made a rare inland stop last week surprising wake boarders at the Orlando Watersports Complex in Orlando, Florida. The Sun Bum tent popped up around 5pm next to the cable parks pool feature and the all out, 30-minute, Best Trick Jam was on for a $1000 check and a cheap champagne shower.

Bum Rush Tour
Huntington Beach, California

We rolled up and put the stakes in next to Huntington pier. The beach was straight chaos and the judges had a hard time keeping track of who caught what. Jerry Lehman knew this break – he was dodging surfers and pulling off backside snaps, which landed him the win.