Today marks the last official day of Summer, which means it’s time for us to tally up the votes on our annual #ShowUsYourBum Photo Contest.

Endless high fives and shakas to all of the entries. Nothing gets us more stoked than seeing people get creative with our products. So, with out futher adeiu. Drumroll please …

Congratulations to @jensimonphoto our 2016 #ShowUsYourBum Grand Prize Winner claiming the ELECTRA LADIES TOWNIE 7D BICYCLE

@Ron.Holt taking home 1st Prize: $250 Online Gift Code and a 16″ Collectible Vinyl Ape

@danid0o0bie claiming 2nd Prize: $100 Online Gift Code and a 9″ Collectible Vinyl Ape

@stefanlippelgoos snagging 3rd Prize: $50 Online Gift Code and a 9″ Collectible Vinyl Ape

Even though the contest has been called, keep on posting because you know we love to send out packages of Sun Bum love to our crew.

Thank you @sunbum for making my trip to Moorea burn free and fabulous! #showusyourbum #sunbum #trustthebum by @jensimonphoto

Saw this photo pop up and knew instantly it was this weeks #ShowUsYourBum winner. @ron.holt you are a legend. Shoot an email over to [email protected] to claim your online gift card 🙌🏻 #sunbum #trustthebum by @sunbum

One week later😇🐛 but still no butterfly emoji 🤘🏼 @trustthebum🐵💛 by @danid0o0bie

Good thing I had my SunBum sunscreen to stay protected from the sun today in sunny Florida! #showusyourbum #trustthebum #sunbum by @stefanlippelgoos

#trustthebum #showusyourbum by @grunewald327

Sun’s out, BUM’s out! #trustthebum #sunbum #showusyourbum by @emilydavis65

I #TrustTheBum while I’m in Rio cheering for USA during the Olympic beach semifinals in Rio. #SunBum #TrustTheBum @sunbum by @b_to_the_w

Even the dog knows to bring the Sunbum! ☀️😍☀️ @ling3211 @sunbum #sunbum #showusyourbum #trustthebum by @kathie_11

Bumming never looked so good. ☀ #showusyourbum #sunbum #trustthebum by @sofigali

☀️#showusyourbum #trustthebum #sunbum @sunbum by @herenthere0